Online Education System

Online Education:

We are a system which is ready to adapt in this ever-changing world. So we bring (eLearning) Microsoft Office 365 technology to make better use of this digital world and facilitate our students.

In this current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic situation we at Hijazi are continuing to provide the education services to the students by using online services.


All school communications includes(announcements, school news, timetable and many more) are available at School Communications Portal please visit School Communications Portal how to access the portal, please contact with school administrations

Online Classes:

From Class one(1) to Class ten(10) please contact with administrations to get the online class Office 365 tools access information's Microsoft Office 365 Tools your classes are scheduled per school communication plan.

Online ("Weekly" or "Monthly") Assessments & Exams:

If this current (COVID-19) pandemic situation remains persistent, we at Hijazi School will continue conducting assessments & exams as per annouced schdule with eLeaning segements.

Office 365 and eLearning Tools Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable use of tools per terms of the contract.