About School

Education program:

Here at Hijazi we are providing the curriculum that is suitable for today needs and will help the students to excel in future.

Mission statement:

We aim to provide quality education and equip the students with certain skill sets to exceed in practical life. We are aiming for excellence through quality teaching and quality management through which we can bring benefits to students and ultimately to society.


Here at Hijazi we constantly continue to reinvent our educational approach to meet the needs of students. We believe that our modern methods and attitude and our safe & friendly environment will help the students to reach their true potential.

Extra-curricular activities:

We bring balance to students' life with extra-curricular activities to develop well-rounded students.

Learning environment:

we have a safe, friendly and fun learning environment in which student is thrill to come to school everyday.

Child protection policy:

We strongly believe in Child's safety and protection that's why we have strong protection policy for our students to give them the best environment we can to enjoy education.

Core Values:

We value our vision which define who we are. Our core values support our mission and strengthen our overall school. Our core values are the essence of quality and everything we believe in. These values make our school the most unique and gives us the advantage over the others.

Online Education:

We are a system which is ready to adapt in this ever-changing world. So we bring (eLearning) technology to make better use of this digital world and facilitate our students.

In this current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic situation we at Hijazi are continuing to provide the education services to the students by using online services.